Why podcasts are a powerful tool for marketing a coaching practice

You're listening to this show because you want to make an impact in your clients' lives. Part of making an impact is learning about different kinds of sexuality, gender and relationship diversity.

What are your clients going through that you may know very little about?

Another part of making an impact is making money. It's much easier to make an impact if you're finding the right clients and are able to charge for the value you bring.

So it's my privilege to welcome Britany Felix. She runs a business called Podcasting for Coaches, and since you're a relationship coach, I figured she's the best person to talk about marketing your business using podcasting.

In this episode I asked her if it's even worth starting a podcast. Surely the market is too crowded now? I asked about the benefits of podcasting and some of the mistakes she's seen people make. And she has a very cool love song and breakup song story.

Britany Felix is host of the podcast Podcasting for Coaches and as such is the perfect guest to help relationship coaches who are considering podcasting as a marketing tool.

She helps coaches use podcasts as a way to build brand awareness, establish themselves as an expert in their niche, gain new business opportunities, network, and generate new leads for their business.

She guides coaches through launching their podcast and will take care of editing and post-production as well. If you have a podcast, Britany can do an audit of your existing podcast to see what areas can be improved.

In addition to her very informative show, she offers a DIY course for coaches who want to launch a podcast.

You can find Britany here: http://podcastingforcoaches.com

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