The most impactful coaching question

Suzannah Weiss is a sex and relationship coach.
She was in a monogamous long-distance relationship for three years, but she found herself constantly drawn to new sexual experiences. She wrote about it in an article for the website Hello Giggles, which you can read here. (I recommend the website, by the way. It’s really excellent)
I wanted to know from her how relationship coaches could support their clients when the clients are cheating. What do clients in that situation need? We also explored non-monogamy, and she told us the story of the coaching question she asked that had the biggest impact on her.
You can find her at where she offers a free introductory session; on Twitter @SuzannahWeiss and on Instagram at @WeissSuzannah.
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Suzannah writes:

When it comes to relationships, I like to work with people who are on the path of true love. If dating conventions feel limiting to you, if you’re more concerned with unconditional love than labels, if you have an inexplicable spiritual bond with someone, and/or understanding love feels like a big part of your soul’s mission, this could be you.