What relationship coaches miss about men who cross-dress

Some 2,8% of men have cross-dressed. That’s around in man in 35. Why do men do it? How are their partners affected?

Savannah Hauk is this week’s guest. She’s an Author, TEDx Speaker and cross-dressing activist. She talks about what relationship coaches need to know to support guys who cross-dress.

Originally from the Detroit area, she moved to the boroughs of New York City over twenty years ago in pursuit of a career in graphic design and website management. She now lives in South Carolina with her cis-partner, Judy Swain. She loves dogs, movies, Stephen King novels, cosplay and comic cons. In addition, crossdressing as a woman is an integral constant of who she is. Her personal journey—and that with her partner Judy—is ever-evolving. She is the author of “Living with Crossdressing: Defining a New Normal”, awarded the 2018 eLit Gold Medal for LGBT Non-Fiction and the Silver Medal for Sexuality and Relationships. She is also the author of a zombie apocalypse series under her male name.

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